Online School

Online school is no variable from traditional classroom teaching of old-fashioned textbooks to comprehensive learning through pen and paper. Online teaching platforms like EazyClasses e-learning platform empowers teachers to teach well. EazyClasses is one of the popular and best online school software. Currently, more than 50+ schools worldwide are using it.

One of the best advantages of using a sophisticated learning management system like EazyClasses is the ability to suit different teachers, tutors and universities needs.

These online teaching platforms have replaced the conventional classroom by providing outstanding features that enable a speedy, simpler and interactive learning experience to students in a school.

A virtual classroom software developed in association with the open-source learning management system allows the teacher to train and teach students online in real-time using an internet-enabled device. There is no need for a plugin, java, flash required to operate on this platform.

The Web-enabled cloud-based/on-premise software solutions for educational institutions allow students to attend live classes on-the-go by using the tablets, smartphones, PC and laptops.

There are many incredible featured integrated within the EazyClasses LMS such as easy administration, record live lessons, engage students with real-time textual and audio-video communication, polls, quizzes and interactive whiteboards.

Online school promote collaboration and exploration of critical thinking methods of students. Moreover, active student participation fosters deeper understanding.

Our award-winning LMS is ideal for delivering engaging online school training using virtual classroom software. Teachers can create courses in a few clicks on our e-learning platform.

This adds a measurable impact in saving time and cost thus teachers more concentrate on crafting best courses for students without having to look elsewhere.


Since online school software is the backbone of online learning, schools must choose an LMS that provides all the functionality for effective learning. EazyClasses online class software is developed with an open-source learning management system which is easy for both students and administrators.

This helps a student in any location to access the school provided content using a secure gateway for quality education.

Online school possess numerous advantages over traditional classrooms such as teachers using this platform as a primary teaching tool provides students with easy online access to lessons and live interactions.

Online learning through web-based classes wouldn’t be possible without the learning management system. EazyClasses e-learning is a high-quality system which integrates a wide number of tools to organize, communicate and collaborate with students efficiently.

As the backbone of any e-learning educational establishments, it is vital to pick an effective learning management system which allows students, teacher and administrators to communicate, collaborate and work efficiently over a secure platform.

Since online school platforms are growing rapidly in India and abroad. Students and teachers need to learn the specialized mode of learning.

EazyClasses e-learning platform allows teachers to use technology to educate remotely. It is also crucial for administrators, teachers to envisage the correct use of technology and by opting EazyClasses LMS help teachers to measure students progress in class.