Online Tuition

An online tuition is a form that can anytime irrespective of region or the time of the day. Many online teaching platforms offer different online tuition methods who want to learn comfortably.

This type of smart online management for online coaching is panned out through an efficient learning management system. Our EazyClasses virtual classroom software designed for online tuition, teaching and training over the internet.

With EazyClasses online class software you can create courses online, tutorials, arrange online classes, lectures, meetings, group live classes within a single platform.

EazyClasses LMS is a sophisticated online live class platform that delivers educational courses or training programs to students.

Our e-learning platform LMS includes a set of elements that allow administration, documentation, tracking, evaluation and reporting.

Using the online coaching platform teachers can administer students works e.g. tests, assignments, track progress and manage.

Our online teaching platforms help schools to deliver all forms of learning, such as online, blended, synchronous and asynchronous.


EazyClasses online tuition is one of the best online class software and an integral part of the learning management system. It is a state-of-the-art online live class platform for online coaching that with live video, crystal clear audio, multiple interactive whiteboards, markup and annotation tools, file and document sharing, screen sharing and many other collaboration tools.

Teaching in an EazyClasses online live class platform provides the ultimate experience for both teacher and students.

Our EazyClasses learning management system is a cross-platform online tuition software, mobile learning is just natural with EazyClasses virtual classroom. This platform supports all popular mobile devices.

Students do not have to worry about attending live classrooms and online courses using tablets and phone along with students and teachers using computers and laptop at the same time.

Many reputed schools have implemented EazyClasses e-learning platform across several states in India and abroad. EazyClasses online coaching platform is developed in open-source integrates a rich and powerful set of learning and online training tools.

E.g. online course, live virtual classes, homework, assignments, grade books, libraries – Everything a sophisticated online live class platform should have.

Course Builder – A powerful tools that create engaging courses online for students. Create simple and multi-topic courses using audio, video and text lessons and multiple other different resources.

Student Management – Create unlimited student profiles. Make students groups that best matches your school structure. Give student or group access to permissions to courses and resources.

Live Classrooms – The online tuition or virtual classroom is a tool to hold synchronous live classes and online meetings with your students. Live audio & video, whiteboards, screen sharing and a host of other online classroom activities.

Knowledge Repositories – Create, manage and distribute content into libraries. Arrange resources, such as course, study material into groups and distribute them to build your online courses.

Recorded Sessions – Using EazyClasses e-classroom platform help record e-classroom recording sessions. Students can access previously recorded videos as an offline mode of online learning.

Homework, Quizzes & Grading – Encourage students to participate in online quizzes and assignments. These self-improvements tasks can greatly benefit students of any class. Grading is automated with one-click grade books and custom scales.

Forums, Blogs & Discussions – EazyClasses e-learning platform integrates forums & discussions boards for students for self-help. Also, students can acknowledged ample full of information from reading blogs