Online Class Software

EazyClasses is regarded as one of the best online class software which is incorporated in various schools, for teaching students online.

An ideal tool for teachers and learners that allows active studying through online mode effectively by its flawless features.

EazyClasses online classroom platforms is a powerful tool built with collaborative efforts with the open-source learning management system. Our tool ensures effective online learning.

This E-Learning platform allows educators to create online classes where they keep all courses, study materials, manage assignments, quizzes and conduct exams using a standalone application.


EazyClasses is a robust online teaching platform offering results grades and providing students with feedback.

Our online class software for live interactive online classes deliver live teaching and training with easy integration of Microsoft team, Google classroom. A student will be able to access our online e-learning portal from any internet browser without having to look elsewhere.

We make sure learners get the opportunity to attend live classes using our online classroom platforms on-the-go on their smartphones, tablets, PC, Laptops.

EazyClasses learning management system provides the options to schedule, manage and monitor live sessions and extract automated reports which need to be submitted to teachers, or higher management authorities.


Virtual classroom depicts as a digital replica of a traditional classroom or training. The teachers and students get highly benefitted using our online teaching platforms where they learn in real-time, face-to-face using the internet-enabled technology devices.

Using the EazyClasses virtual classroom software empowers students to join discussions, and share brainstorming, ideation in real-time. Also, tests are given and taken pre and post the session. The reports are prepared using the automation right after the session is over.

Virtual classroom in schools remains the best part of any learning management system. In this way, online classroom through the use of technology imparts support and learning among the students.

Teachers using our virtual classroom software can disperse instruction to the geographically positioned audience at any time.

Both students and teachers have rich experience through work together from around the world.

The attendance is automatically tracked and kept on records. Online coaching typically formulates better communication using EazyClasses e-learning platform tools such as chat, open discussions, boards, polls, multimedia content and blogs are an essential part of learning which is included in our LMS.

This online live class platform uses technology to support instruction and learning which provides flexibility over the traditional classroom.

Using the e-learning platform valued more communication between the teacher and students where teachers can conduct training using e-learning material and help students bypass the way conventional teaching was carried previously.

Our online class software has superior integration of library to store study material, online audio/video files, presentations, PPT, documents in MS Word, PDF’s. teachers & admin accessing the learning management system can upload, organize, store content to be accessed by the students and access it from anywhere at any time. This way schools have less hassle of transferring and carrying data and at the same time making it easy for students, teachers and administrators to search for content in the database.

Also, EazyClasses e-learning online classroom software allows the content resources to be reused once they are uploaded to the library and use them later for different classes.