Overview of EazyClasses E-Learning Platform – A robust Learning Management System build for school, colleges and universities

The learning management system has revolutionized the way educational establishments communicate with the students. Innovative LMS technology preoccupied with online teaching platforms supports a vast array of teaching and learning activities.

One such E-learning platform is EazyClasses which provides an effective learning opportunity for students. We believe that schools, get hugely benefited using the LMS to train and disperse study courses to students.

This way the school, colleges and other educational establishments can conduct their e-classroom and impart blended learning and flipped classroom teaching methodology or in-class multi-device learning.

EazyClasses is a robust E-learning platform which is hinged on the various areas of flexibility with ease of access to teachers, students and administrators.

This online teaching platform offers a way great way to communicate outside the classroom by using forums, real-time messaging, video conferencing and email.

Institutions use LMS software to plan, implement, facilitate, assess, and monitor student learning. The software centralizes course preparation; educational content and resources; the delivery and tracking of student activities, such as discussion and collaboration.

The administration of assessment activities; and the accumulation and presentation of marks and grades.

Our online classroom platforms software (EazyClasses) provides an array of information about student activities that instructors and administrators can view from different perspectives.

This information can be analyzed to detect patterns that might suggest how students can be better supported.

The E-Learning Platform helps institutions maintain the integrity of their educational programs and enables faculty to effectively and efficiently develop courses, deliver instruction, facilitate communication, foster collaboration, and assess students.

Each LMS is different. Some allow users to implement a variety of approaches, such as content-centric, activity-centric, network-centric, linear, and branching.

Some systems are more effective for delivering asynchronous instruction, while others are better at providing synchronous instruction.

Our EazyClasses E-learning platform can deliver content and allow students to access their grades via mobile devices, while others cannot.

Thus, instructors must identify the approaches used and those that could be used to promote learning at their institutions. Then, they must closely examine the LMS tools and features and how they might be used.

Proprietary Learning Management System and its Implementation

LMS is like choosing a religion — it depends on what you believe in. Depending on your educational priorities and how the software is configured, any of the three forms might meet your needs.

Our EazyClasses online class software provides the following advantages over other LMSs.

  • Provide a sense of reliability, stability, flexibility, stability and above all strong security with the institutional needs.
  • Our EazyClasses E-learning platform is backed by a company with a record of successes in the education domain
  • Our virtual classroom software integrates well within various enterprise software systems such as those that process financial, human resources, and administrative data.
  • Our proprietary online live class platform is easy to go with educational establishments such as school, college and universities.

Choosing EazyClasses E-learning platform over other LMSs resolve many concerns that arise from time to time.

One of the core functionalities of LMS is providing a careful balance between the security, privacy and technical support to preserve the institutional image and at the same time offering teachers, and students the tools to suffice their instructional and learning needs at least for next three to five years.

The LMS Selection Process

Learning management systems are resides in the core of educational establishments thereby shaping the administrative structure and institution culture.

Our easy to use E-Learning Learning management system is an effective, efficient and transparent which goes right through the institution strategic direction and imparts different teaching and learning process.

Basic Feature of EazyClasses E-Learning Platform

  • The online class software is a tool that delivers content and resources to the students
  • This LMS software permits teachers, admin to store digital courseware at a centralized location which is provided to respective students.
  • With the help of this virtual classroom software, teachers can manage courses, upload study materials and assign tasks to students in different subjects. At the same time, they can evaluate student performance report, timetables, multimedia content through a centralized place called dashboard.
  • Students using the LMS are free to create online groups, join discussions, read blogs for social learning and knowledge sharing.
  • Our EazyClasses e-learning online school platform provides teachers with digital whiteboard with the easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time assessment and result publishing through automation
  • Digital curriculum management
  • Efficient school timetable management and scheduling
  • One-click attendance management

EazyClasses e-learning platform is undoubtedly the best-secured e-classroom platform for school, colleges, universities and tutorial answers.

The online classroom platform can run all academic activities broadly like taking online classes, offline classes, sharing notes & study material, audio & videos, giving assignments, question and answers, MCQ tests and so on.

EazyClasses online coaching platform replaces all other platform and integrated with Microsoft teams for online classes.


EazyClasses is a software program that helps you create, manage and deliver eLearning courses. It’s the "engine" that powers eLearning, and in the most common form it consists of two separate parts:

  • A server component that performs the core functionality (creating, managing and delivering courses, authenticating users, serving data and notifications, etc.)
  • A user interface that runs inside your browser as a web that is used by administrators, instructors and students.
  • 1) EazyClasses virtual classroom software helps prepare students with available study materials (documents, audio, video) in the platform.
  • 2) Besides teachers can prepare a question bank for students and give them for self-assessments.
  • 3) The facility of online & offline classes for students. Student gives attendance before the beginning of the online class and enters class summary. Also, offline the section helps students to avail the missed classes.
  • 4) Blog, discussions facility is there for students to read and acknowledge about the subject matter. They can ask the question on study material, an assignment which is seen and answered by the teachers and this way they can continue the discussions and the chat remains stored for future use.
  • 5) Our online teaching platforms offer students to undertake Quizzes, MCQ tests for self-evaluation and the same can be uploaded and dispersed by the teacher on board.


Learning Management Systems, especially in the educational-based establishment, usually contain sensitive information that we want to keep safe.

Despite the advent of eBooks and smartphones, public libraries are still frequented by many people every day that comes, consult books, and leave.

Someone with malicious nature could sneak inside or steal someone’s library ID to enter your system and steal or modify some of your books.

To fight these kinds of cyber threats, we have incorporated a host of security features to stop it.

  • EazyClasses E-Learning Platform is completely secured and all the security test for vulnerabilities being conducted by certified cybersecurity experts.
  • Secured Identity Management
  • Stringent privacy control
  • Encrypted channels for communication
  • Right Management enabled
  • Role-based access
  • Web application firewall enabled